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Find Relief through Our TMJ Treatment

Does your jaw ache constantly? Do you experience frequent headache, toothaches and/or earaches? Does your jaw click and pop?

Any or all of these symptoms could indicate a problem with your TMJ, or temporomandibular joint. This crucial joint connects your skull's temporal bones to your jaw. When it malfunctions, you have problems chewing, talking, yawning and opening your mouth wide or closing it fully. You may also experience frequent pain, tenderness and swelling.

Fortunately, you don't have to suffer silently through TMJ. Treatment from a Mission, BC, dentist can help control your pain and manage your symptoms.


What Causes TMJ Dysfunction?

TMJ dysfunction, or problems with the TMJ, can stem from a variety of underlying issues, including:

Excessive chewing (for example, chewing gum constantly)

Frequent jaw clenching

Jaw injuries

Malocclusions, such as over - and under - bites

Neck injuries, such as whiplash

Tooth grinding, including unconscious tooth grinding at night

How Do Dentists Treat TMJ Dysfunction?

The treatment your dentist prescribes depends on the underlying problem. If you stress your joint by grinding your teeth at night, your dentist might recommend a mouth guard to minimize strain. Apart from reducing your pain, a mouth guard can give you a better night's sleep and protect your teeth's enamel.

Your dentist might also recommend an injectable prescription, which in some cases can reduce your muscles’ tendency to clench. This relaxes your TMJ and can minimize headaches or lock jaw. Your dentist can perform these injections in the office.

Visit Tyler Dental Artz

If you think you could have TMJ dysfunction, schedule a visit at Tyler Dental Artz. Our dentists will examine your mouth, discuss your symptoms and recommend a treatment after an evaluation. With a little help, hopefully you'll be able to chew, swallow, yawn and speak with reduced pain.

To schedule your appointment for TMJ treatment in Mission, BC, call us today at 604-826-9014.

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