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Dental Visits Now Stress-free!

We know that some people have difficulty or anxiety with dental appointments. Tyler Dental Artz is the place for sedation dentistry. We’ve had countless hours of training and experience in the science of sedation dentistry, and we can confidently offer dental experiences that are pleasant and stress-free.

Oral sedation (pill form) has been a popular choice for many of Dr. Tyler’s and Dr. Smillie’s patients. Dr. Tyler and his assistants have also been certified by the B.C. College of Dental Surgeons to offer IV sedation.

Ensuring your comfort and safety goes hand-in-hand with sedation dentistry. You can rest assured that sedation dentistry is safe, effective and offers the added bonus of being able to have longer, comfortable appointments, which allows much work to be done in 1 session.


In addition to sedation dentistry, each team member of Tyler Dental Artz takes the time with each patient to explain what is to be expected at each visit and addresses any questions or concerns. It is important to us to create an environment of trust and confidence — that way, we all win. We can provide our best care, and patients have good feelings about their dental experiences.

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