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Dr. Ian Smillie, Dr. Bill Tyler, Dr. Gloria Tyler, Stan Soon and our own CDA Patti Lawlor along with other volunteers from the Mission Rotary Club and local Thai interpreters were able to treat 140 children and 30 staff members of the Mechai Bamboo School. Thai Senator Mechai created the school and has been an essential part of enhancing and improving many lives in the poor, rural district of Buriram.

The dental treatment of the locals consisted of fillings, extractions, root canals and partial dentures. We also placed a great emphasis on educating them about consistent oral hygiene to help prevent dental diseases.

Throughout the trip, Dr. Gloria Tyler also updated our Facebook page with pictures so you can follow along!

We are grateful for all of our hard working volunteers, including the members of the Mission Mid-Day and Morning clubs – thank you! We would also like to thank the Mission Mid-Day Rotary Club for spearheading this mission trip and providing funds for supplies, as well as GoStudyCanada for acting as liaison with the school in Buriram Thailand.

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