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Dental Exams

A comprehensive dental exam and a review of your medical history will be performed by your dentist at your initial dental visit.

At regular check-up exams, the doctors and hygienist will include the following:

Examination of diagnostic x-rays (radiographs). Essential for detection of decay, tumors, cysts and permanent bone loss. X-rays also help determine tooth and root positions.

Periodontal disease (gum disease) evaluation. We check the periodontal structures: gingiva (gums), periodontal ligament (ligament attaching the gum to the tooth), alveolar bone (jaw bone) and cementum (covering of the root of the tooth). Your dental hygienist will use a periodontal measuring device called a periodontal probe.

Examination for tooth decay. All tooth surfaces will be checked with special dental instruments for decay, fractures and any abnormalities.

Examination of existing restorations. We check current fillings, crowns, etc.

Examination of malocclusion. We check and measure how your teeth are fitting together and how well they are functioning for chewing. Also, we check for any TMJ concerns and any muscle discomfort you may be having.


Professional Dental Hygiene Visit

It is important to know that at Tyler Dental Artz, we dedicate and schedule the appropriate time — usually an entire hour — to each and every hygiene appointment. This allows your dental hygienist the necessary time to assess your gingival health; scale and polish your teeth meticulously; and give any hygiene instructions or express any concerns we may have about your teeth and/or gums. This is an interactive appointment in which we use an intra-oral camera and assessment instruments — like the periodontal probe and a wide spectrum of hygiene scalers (both ultrasonic and hand) — to gently and thoroughly perform your necessary hygiene debridement.

Healthy gums don't bleed!

Your hygiene appointment will include the following:

Removal of calculus (tartar)

Removal of plaque

Teeth polishing

Patient education

Blood pressure and pulse

Oral hygiene instruction. Once we are able to assess any gingival concerns, we can take some time and demonstrate for you any oral hygiene aid that could help you maintain your healthy mouth at home. We have aids to give you and samples of products to help you continue to maintain your healthy status or, even better, to increase the health of mouth and your systemic health needs. The doctors and your hygienist will also discuss and recommend a care program for you depending on your needs.

Your gums and supporting structures are the foundation of your smile—it’s very important to have regular hygiene assessments prior to any cosmetic or general dentistry to ensure your investment in your smile will last!

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