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In March 2018, Dr. Ian Smillie, Dr. Bill Tyler, Dr. Gloria Tyler, along with several other local dentists and our own CDA Patti Lawlor visited Grace Academy in Zambia. With generous support from our own team members and from the Mission Rotary Club, we were able to have two separate teams consisting of six dentists provide treatment to children, school staff and some of their family members. For some of us, it was our first time at Grace Academy, and for others, it was a familiar place to return to, but for everyone, it was a professionally and emotionally rewarding experience. Utilizing custom portable dental units and other disposable supplies brought from Canada was a change of pace from our typical working environment; but we were still able to get an incredible amount of treatment completed.

More about Grace Academy and Seeds of Hope
Many years ago, local residents John and Susan Chalkias built a place of respite and comfort for young Zambian children suffering from extremely unfortunate circumstances. This has evolved into what is now Grace Academy, and with the help of countless volunteers, the institution provides opportunities for medical care, education and a future that would be otherwise unattainable for young Zambian children. For more information about Grace Academy please visit the Seeds of Hope website.

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