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Cosmetic Bonding Before
Cosmetic Bonding After

At Tyler Dental Artz, we work wonders with new bonding materials, a little art and lots of science. Tooth bonding is designed to cover any natural flaws by applying a thin coating of a plastic material on the front surface of your teeth. Then our doctors can literally sculpt the shape of your tooth!

Dental bonding can make your tooth-related flaws disappear in just one visit. It allows us to reshape and lengthen natural teeth, repair chipped teeth, close spaces in between teeth and more. Usually, no additional tooth structure is required. The tooth is first cleaned and polished, then an etchant (a mild acidic liquid) is placed on the tooth. The etchant is then rinsed off, giving the surface of the tooth a chalky, slightly porous texture. The bonding material (composite resin) is then shade-matched to the tooth and sculpted and shaped onto the tooth structure. Lastly, it is hardened by a special ultraviolet blue light. The result is remarkably aesthetic!


Make the decision today to call us and enquire about your options to improve your appearance with bonding.

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