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Achieve a More Natural Smile Through Porcelain Veneers in Mission, BC

While everyone hopes for a naturally straight, white smile, genetics and environmental factors often make your mouth look otherwise. But just because you chipped a tooth in an accident or inherited your parents' discoloured teeth doesn't mean you have to forfeit your dream of a brighter smile.

Turn to Tyler Dental Artz for porcelain veneers in Mission, BC. These simple devices bind to the front of your teeth to improve your smile, increase your self-confidence and enhance your bite.

How Veneers Help

Porcelain veneers (also known as porcelain laminates or dental veneers) can cover a variety of dental problems, including:

Chemically discoloured teeth (for instance, teeth discoloured by tetracycline)

Chipped teeth

Crooked or misaligned teeth

Small-looking teeth

Dental veneers can also fill in unsightly gaps between teeth.

If you discuss porcelain veneers with your dentist and determine they can help, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth. We then send this impression to a lab that does high-quality and very esthetic porcelain restorations to make the veneer which will then be bonded to your tooth surface. Your dentist then cleans your teeth and edges the enamel to ensure the veneer remains in place. The veneer should approximate your natural teeth's colour and shape.


The entire process takes between two and three visits.


Who Qualifies for Veneers

Veneers work well for most patients. They're also more long-lasting than bonding. To achieve the best results, you should have healthy gums and teeth as well as excellent dental hygiene. You should also have realistic expectations—veneers can correct the cosmetic issues listed above, but they can't fix more extensive or wide-ranging problems.

At Tyler Dental Artz, we'll work with you to create a veneer that addresses your smile's problems, whether you want whiter or normally sized teeth. At the end of the process, you should have a more natural smile that lasts for years to come.


To schedule your appointment for porcelain veneers in Mission, BC, call us at 604-826-9014.

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