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You’ve noticed your gums receding, but you haven’t figured out how to treat this oral health issue. Come to Tyler Dental Artz and learn more about our office’s options for oral surgery in Mission, BC.

Our general dentists can review your dental history, examine your mouth, assess your gums and supporting structures, and diagnose which oral procedures can help your current condition. An oral surgery may help to treat your receding gums and other periodontal issues.


What Is Oral Surgery?

Also known as periodontal surgery, oral surgeries treat the structures that support the teeth, namely the gums, bone and soft tissues. Your teeth need healthy supporting structures for best appearance and function.

Surgeries performed at Tyler Dental Artz are usually for:

  1. Esthetic improvements.

  2. Treating deformities and tissue loss created by a disease process, eliminating “pockets” of diseased tissue in order to create and maintain periodontal structures that support teeth/gum and health. Techniques have been developed to deal with the gingival (gum) tissues and underlying bone.

  3. Bone augmentation or recontouring usually as preparation for implants or dentures.

  4. Extractions including wisdom teeth extractions.

What Are Its Benefits?

Oral surgery at our Mission, BC office provides dental and cosmetic solutions for periodontal problems. Depending on the treatment you receive, an oral surgery may:

Stabilize your mouth’s bone structure

Repair the damage left by periodontal disease

Change the look of your smile – this can include improving a “gummy smile,” covering an unsightly exposed root or evening out gum architecture

If you believe you’re suffering from periodontal problems, make an appointment with one of our dentists today.

Call Us Today to Schedule Your Appointment

Tyler Dental Artz includes two dentists, a team of dental hygienists, assistants and support administrative staff. We welcome new patients at our Mission, BC office and encourage you to make an appointment as soon as possible.

To schedule your oral surgery in Mission, BC, call us today at

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