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How to Prepare Before Having Oral Surgery

Oral dental surgery in Mission British Columbia

Oral surgery is usually carried out as an outpatient procedure, which means that you'll be headed home to recover after the surgery is done. The best way to ensure a speedy recovery after oral surgery at a dental clinic in Mission such as Tyler Dental Artz is to make the following preparations beforehand:

1. Arranging for someone to accompany you and take you home

Because you will likely be placed under conscious sedation (either orally or IV induced), or local anesthesia, it is important to come to the clinic with a responsible adult who can take you home. It is best that they stay at the clinic during the surgery so they can be ready when you come out.

2. Planning your post-surgical diet

Following your oral surgery you'll want to be well-stocked with soft foods that don't require much chewing. Soups, yogurts, and protein shakes are some yummy and filling options. Try avoiding food that is too cold, hot, spicy, or acidic, at it could irritate your gums.

3. Learning about post-surgical oral hygiene

Be sure to follow instructions from your dentist about post-operative care. You may be rinsing your mouth with warm salt water 24 hours after your surgery, and continuing to do so at least four times a day for about two weeks. Your dentist will instruct you on how to clean the area surrounding the surgery; it is important to be gentle, and for the surrounding areas not involved in the surgery to be cleaned normally.

4. Making space and time for rest and recovery

It is a good idea to clean and make your home as comfortable as possible for rest and relaxation before leaving for your surgery. Gather some extra pillows, have books or TV shows ready to entertain you while you recover, and see if you can bribe friends and family into fetching you snacks and drinks.

5. Preparing yourself for possible swelling

Oral surgery can cause some mild to moderate swelling, so prepare ice packs and have painkillers such as ibuprofen and Tylenol at the ready. You may also be provided with other pain medication, but make sure that you carefully follow all instructions given to you for its use.

6. Taking any questions or concerns to your family dentist

Tyler Dental Artz is a family dentist which provides many different types of oral surgeries at our dental clinic in Mission, BC. We strive to make sure that our clients are well prepared for their oral surgeries and always have all of their oral health questions answered.

Oral surgery need not be something that is dreaded. If required, it could be an important step in achieving the ultimate long term dental health and appearance you seek. Proper preparation and post-operative care will do much to enhance healing and comfort.

If you have questions about an upcoming surgery, if you think you may be in need of an oral surgery, or if you just have questions about dental health, then don't hesitate to contact Tyler Dental Artz today.


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