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COVID-19 Update

For all dental treatment amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, fill out our COVID-19 Pandemic all Dental Treatment Consent Form. The form must be filled out prior to entering the clinical area of the office. Please fill this out in advance and drop it off with the receptionist.

Download The Form

Please refer to the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control for up-to-date surveillance reports and insightful statistical information about the disease in our province.

BC COVID-19 Data

What will your appointment look like when you visit the office after May 19th?

  • You may be asked to wait in your car until your appointment time.

  • There will be 80% of the normal staff and between 50-90% of the previous patient volume depending on the day.

  • Your appointment time will likely take a little longer than normal as you may be asked to wait in your clinical room until the reception area is relatively clear of other patients.

  • You will be asked to clean your hands prior to your appointment or to wear gloves for the duration of your appointment.

  • You will have to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment form prior to entering the clinical areas of the clinic.

  • If you are COVID-19 positive or have travelled internationally within the last two weeks you will be asked to reschedule your appointment to a later date. If it is an emergency you may be seen at a specifically designated time which may be different than your original appointment or you may be referred to an alternate facility.

  • You will be expected to maintain 2m distance between other patients at all times.

  • You will be asked to wait inside your clinical room while one of our team members communicates to our reception team the treatment you have received so that they can prepare for your discharge. Having you wait inside the clinical room minimizes the time you spend in the communal areas of our office and reduces the likelihood of close contact with other individuals.

  • There will be plexiglass barriers between you and reception team members.

  • Clinical team members may be wearing masks during their conversations with you. We understand this can be impersonal. There may be exceptions to this policy to accommodate young children who may find this situation frightening or for those patients who have compromised hearing and utilize some level of lip reading in their interactions with people.

We are following the public health order for mandatory masks to be worn in public indoor spaces. While patients are in hallways or the reception area they will be required to wear a mask. We cannot dispense masks to patients routinely and you are asked to bring your own mask if you would prefer to wear a mask while in common areas. Dispensing of masks by us will be reserved for special circumstances, namely for elderly patients waiting for their spouse/partner or those people acting as a companion for patients receiving treatment under sedation.

  • Our goal is to deliver dental treatment to you in the safest possible manner. Although these changes are not convenient for anyone involved, they are designed to protect not only healthy individuals but those of us who are elderly or medically compromised who are at higher risk for complications from any illness. Subtext

Changes we have made:

As we are currently not seeing patients who are COVID-19 positive or suspected of having COVID, the provincial health authority, Worksafe BC and the College of Dental Surgeons have deemed our previously used universal precautions to be more than adequate to reduce the spread of diseases including COVID-19. The addition of mandatory hand sanitization by our patients prior to receiving treatment has been added as a requirement.

Increased cleaning of common spaces, including door handles, countertops and waiting room chairs.

Screening staff every morning before their shift for symptoms of COVID-19 or other respiratory illnesses.

Decreased patient turnover and decreased patient volume in the building at any given time.


Optional measures we are implementing are the following:

Recommended hydrogen peroxide rinse prior to receiving your cleaning. This has been shown to significantly reduce the viral load if it is present in an asymptomatic individual. The rinse will help to keep our staff safe and significantly reduce aerosolized viral or bacterial particles thereby keeping patients who occupy the room after you, safe.

We are introducing medical-grade filtration units into the operatories made by Surgically Clean Air. We have been using one such unit for the last year in our waiting room to improve air hygiene but we have ordered 5 more units to go inside clinical rooms. These filtration units have multiple forms of filtration including HEPA and carbon filtration along with a germicidal UVC light. The presence of these air filters will also improve air turnover in all clinical areas. Please check out the links below for more information from the manufacturer.

Waiting Room Mask Policy

For the protection of staff and other patients in the waiting room, we are asking the patients to wear masks while in the waiting room.


If you do not have your own mask then one will be provided for you.


Exceptions include:

  • Children 10 and under

  • People with medical conditions that prohibit them from wearing a mask

  • People who are not physically capable of placing and removing a mask

Checking In

  • Look inside the front door to ensure the waiting room is not crowded.

  • Let a reception team member know who you are and fill out the COVID-19 screening form available at the front door. Assessment forms are also available for download from the link above.

  • Hand sanitizer is available on the same table as the screening forms and you will be required to use it prior to taking a seat in the reception or clinical areas.

  • If the waiting room is empty please take a seat, but if there are already several people in the waiting room then please let a staff member know who you are and wait in the hallway or your vehicle if it is convenient. If you are waiting in the hallway or vehicle please ensure that we know where you are so a team member can find you when your clinical room is ready.

  • Masks are currently recommended for patients in the waiting room. If you do not have your own mask then a single mask can be provided to you upon entry to the clinic.

  • As per public health and work safe guidelines for dental offices, successful completion of the COVID-19 risk assessment form along with hand sanitization is required to enter the dental office during our normal working hours.

The Appointment

If you are in for a hygiene appointment (cleaning) then you will be asked to rinse with a diluted hydrogen peroxide rinse. The rinse has shown to notably reduce viral particles in the oral cavity. This helps to protect your hygienist and reduces any type of viral or bacterial aerosol in the room.


Your care provider may be wearing a different mask, face shield or gown depending on the practitioner's own preference. At this time there are no dental college or governmental requirements for a gown or face shield for treating COVID-19 negative patients.


You will be provided with hand sanitizer at the end of your appointment and it is required that you use it before entering the common spaces of the office (waiting room). You may be asked to wait in your operator for a little while after your treatment is completed so that we can minimize congestion in the waiting room.


Medical grade air filtration units are present in every enclosed operatory and our two open concept operatories have a shared unit.


At the present time, we are not seeing COVID-19 positive patients or those at high risk for the infection. If you do fall into either of those categories then please contact the office and we can refer you to an office that can treat you but depending on the treatment or examination required we may see you outside of our normal clinical hours and notably different office protocols would apply.


We have a goal of minimizing your time in the waiting room to minimize the time patients spend around other patients so please consider this when you are at the office.


There are plexiglass dividers that have been installed to separate you from the reception team members.


Office Congestion and Patient Volume:

We are currently seeing a range of between 50-90% of our normal patient volume depending on the day of the week and time of the day. During the COVID-19 closure period, we renovated to add an additional operatory to further create space for patients in the clinical area, but we still need everyone’s help to maintain social distancing. We are attempting to minimize congestion in the reception area by releasing patients in a more staggered fashion but at times there may be two patients dismissed close together and other patients may be arriving for their appointments at the same time. There may also be times when a parent is accompanying several children that may be occupying the waiting room. Circumstances like these can make the office appear very busy or congested for a few minutes. We ask that you help us to alleviate congestion by adhering to social distancing as best as is reasonably possible, consider using your vehicle or the hallway to wait until the reception area has cleared out and if you have children, please keep children seated in adjacent seats. Before we discharge you to the waiting room we may ask you to wait in your clinical operatory until a receptionist is ready to process your file or until the waiting room is less congested.


If you have any specific concerns about office patient volume or have medical conditions that make you concerned about patient volume please speak to the reception team at least a few days before your appointment.


We are in a difficult place in our society where there are people at high risk for serious consequences as a result of COVID-19 while at the same time many of us are at very low risk for any consequences. Our office is currently treating all patients during our normal working hours EXCEPT those positive for COVID-19 or those that are at high risk for the infection. Please respect and help to support the vulnerable members of our patient pool and help protect our staff who are putting themselves in contact with the public every day they come to work by taking steps to minimize the spread of the disease. These changes are hard on everyone. We have spent years striving to create a calm, relaxed and welcoming environment where staff can get to know patients and we hope that we do not lose any of that in our attempt to keep our most vulnerable patients safe.

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